Американка встановила рекорд, найшвидше об’їхавши всі країни на земній кулі

— 6 лютого 2017, 17:12

Американка Кассандра (Кессі) де Пеколь офіційно стала першою жінкою, яка побувала у всіх країнах світу, і людиною, якій найшвидше вдалося це здійснити. Обидва рекорди тепер має зафіксувати книга рекордів Гіннеса.

Just a few of my friends who hosted me for lunch in #Yemen. These were just half of the brothers who I dined with, the ladies don't like to have their photos taken and I wanted to respect that, they were all so shy yet so incredibly sweet and kind. The citizens of Yemen are really, so hospitable and happy. I loved being in their company. They live so simply yet comfortably with the love of their family. Family is very important in Yemen. ❤🌎 I'm so honored that Yemen was my last and final country of #Expedition196. The most challenging to get to but one of the most rewarding once in 🙏🏽. Zero fears, zero regrets, just respect, acceptance and love ❤🇾🇪

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На грандіозну подорож, фотографіями з якої Кессі ділилася в соцмережах, у неї пішов 1 рік 6 місяців та 26 днів. Останньою, 196-ою країною, яку відвідала мандрівниця, став Ємен.

Про це повідомляє Seeker.

Ідея об'їхати всі країни світу прийшла до де Пеколь кілька років тому, коли вона спитала в самої себе: "Що б я зробила, якби мала можливість здійснити будь-що в світі?".

Як написала Кессі на своєму сайті Expedition 196, Україна стала однією з найулюбленіших країн, до якої вона обов’язково захоче повернутися, а Одеса – одним із найулюбленіших міст.

#tbt to #Odessa, #Ukraine... One of my favorite cities on #Expedition196 ⛵️ #OM #Meditationwithaview

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Свій пост, у якому де Пеколь докладно розповіла про свої приємні враження від українців та традиційної української кухні, дівчина назвала "Слава Україні".[L]

Власником попереднього офіційного рекорду, вписаного до Книги рекордів Гіннеса, є американський професор на імя Юлі Лю.

На те, щоби побувати в кожній суверенній країні планети, в нього пішло 3 роки 3 місяці та 6 днів. Подорож Лю завершилася в грудні 2010-го.

The way I prefer to travel is to leave all preconceptions at the door and walk in with a completely open mind. 💆🏼 • • • When I used to travel, I'd sometimes extensively research the country; the good, the bad, where to go, what to do. By doing this, my mind naturally conditioned itself into thinking that the reflection of that country from the media or from what other people told me, was true, and because of this, I was almost just waiting to see or experience something good or bad from these preconceived notions. Sadly, I ended up experiencing more negative experiences than good because much of this research typically led me to media and government sites that would say everything they could to steer me away. Well, I decided to let that all go and this time around, to refrain from researching countries before I arrive (aside from the basic visa, language, currency, etc.) and to instead learn first hand from the people there what gives their country a "sense of place". I find that my experience now when I travel, is much more euphoric and positive in doing so. A great example of this practice surfaced during my stay in Pakistan. People were scared for me when I told them I was going, although I personally looked at the opportunity as both a privilege and unique adventure. Having been to places such as Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea, alone for example, I had zero worries about entering Pakistan and just knew it would exceed my expectations in the best way possible. What we hear in the media can be so degrading and devastating, but this shouldn't deter us from experiencing that country first hand. By using tourism as a means for #peace, we have the ability to open our eyes to the truth when we experience these places through our own perceptions while learning directly from the local people. Once we realize the common denominator of humanity, we'll judge less, and accept more. We will be more open to the kindness of people around the world and that most people just want peace, too. ✌🏽️🇵🇰 • • • #Expedition196

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You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun. - Shaun Hick

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#fbf to Angkor Wat

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You are only as free as you think you are and freedom will always be as real as you believe it to be. - rmdrake • • • #Expedition196

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High Five! 🖐🏽 • • • #Expedition196 #EveryCountryInTheWorld

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Country #32 on #Expedition196... Any guesses anyone? (Hint hint) 😀

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Yep, caught in the action picking fallen leaves off of the ground at St. Sophia's Cathedral in #Kiev, #Ukraine #LikeABoss 🍂🙀🍂 • • • #Fall is my all time favorite season and I'm so happy that I'm able to experience it here in Ukraine! What an oasis. The sun was peaking itself through bright yellow and orange colored leaves on trees that surround the cathedral. It was a peaceful moment to be here after an 11 hour overnight train ride. As exhausted as I was, this place renewed my sense of wonder and excitement. This country is one of my favorites ever. So much so that it gets its own blog post, which will be out in the coming days. 🍂❤️🍂❤️🍂 • • • #Expedition196 #PeaceThroughTourism

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