Зроби щось просто так: Як перукар вже два роки змінює світ

— 24 вересня 2017, 11:00

Британець Джош Коомбес вже другий рік робить добро за просто так.

Хлопець за професією перукар і у 2015-му вирішив, що може стригти не лише клієнтів, але й безхатченків. Звісно з останніх він не бере плату. Він також робить це не лише у рідній Великій Британії, але й під час подорожей.

This is Janusz, 65 years old. He migrated to New York City from a small town outside of Kraków, Poland with his mother when we was a teenager. Janusz has been homeless for the last four years. Initially quite shy, he watched on from a bench nearby as I was cutting hair for another person. We tried to bring him into the conversation and he slowly started to open up. Janusz asked if he could be next in line for a haircut. However, as I was finishing up and ready to call him over, I noticed he had walked away to leave the park. I asked @valeriejardin to catch up and see what had happened. A few minutes later, they returned and Janusz told me quietly that he was embarrassed about his hair being dirty... I reassured him that by the time we were finished he'd be feeling fresh and that this was not a problem for me. During the haircut, as conversation progressed, I saw a change in this man. Evidently more confident and relaxed. There are so many ways to provide that feeling. I've seen just how high you can lift somebody when you treat them with dignity. Janusz has worked his whole life, it's only in recent years that things took a turn. He grew up on a family farm in post-war Poland, working longer days than most of us had to as a child. When you next see someone sat on a park bench looking scruffy, remember to hit the rewind button before you judge. #DoSomethingForNothing

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Лише на перукарській справі Джош не зупинився і заснував більш масштабну кампанію, яку назвав #DoSomethingForNothing (#ЗробиЩосьПростоТак), пише The Independent.

"Я не хотів, щоб це просто було про мене і стрижку волосся. Отже, я придумав хештег, бо завжди хотів, щоб інші люди залучалися до благодійності", – пояснює хлопець.

[L] До ініціативи Коомбеса долучилося багато людей, однак найпродуктивнішою була співпраця з ветеринаром Джейд Штатт.


Він та його співробітники зі служби Street Vet надають допомогу бездомним тваринам.

Дует Джоша та Джейда дає іншим зрозуміти, наскільки важливим є безпечне та чисте місце для життя.

Коомбеса пише про своїх підопічних пости, щоб розвінчувати стигму, яка існує щодо безпритульних, і закликає інших спілкуватися з ними та демонструвати дрібні доброти, навіть якщо це будуть просто привітання.

This is Michael, 62 years old, born and raised in New York. He used to work as a mail room clerk in Wall Street for many years, but surviving on his wage got tough. Michael approached us on Coney Island boardwalk asking for a quarter, I told him I could give him something better than that. We headed straight for a bench nearby and I got to work on his hair. As the sun shone down it felt so relaxed there together. Just a conversation and a different connection than Michael is probably used to when hustling to get by each day. I asked him whether he had any family - "No I've always pretty much been alone. You get used to it I suppose." When I'd finished up @valeriejardin and I printed a photo for him to keep with the @fujifilm_instax_northamerica - He smiled and said - "My new friend, Josh, the barber from London!" - When Michael left, I watched him as he went over to show two policemen his photo and tell them about it. You're influence can give someone hope. It gives you hope also. #DoSomethingForNothing

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This is Roman, 37 years old from Ukraine. He's been homeless for six months. Roman only spoke a few words of English. Since arriving in the U.S. he's been living in Coney Island, Brooklyn, where Russian is widely spoken. Despite the language barrier this was a really moving interaction for me. Mid haircut, tears appeared in Roman's eyes as he tried to speak to us about his mother. At the end of our time together he was full of smiles and hugs and went straight over to show his friend on a bench nearby. When I found Roman he was sat on his own with his belongings next to him. Did he look approachable? Not really, but I couldn't be happier that I said hello and started a conversation. He's one of the warmest people I've met out here. #DoSomethingForNothing

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This is Brian, 31 years old. We met as soon as I arrived in Edinburgh last weekend and he was the last person I spoke with before I left on the train back to London. Brian sits outside the station most days. This is such a busy area. Most people, understandably, are always rushing in and out. When I stopped to to greet Brian he immediately wanted to talk to me and ask where I was from and what I was doing there. He is genuinely interested in other people and how their day is going. Brian recently had some issues with his family that are quite complicated. I told him I wouldn't go into things in too much detail on here. But I can say that I saw how a simple act like a haircut gave him some inner love that he needed. We spoke a lot about what his next move in life could be. He said he feels confident to make the steps to try and rebuild relationships with his family. Brian has been sleeping on the street for most of this year, in his own words - "It's been tough and I never thought I'd become homeless. But I'm trying to take all the positives I can. I know that I've had time to reflect at least. You know, just a haircut is like - wow, It's the beginning of something I'm going to do." #DoSomethingForNothing

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This is Gérard, 66 years old. Spending years in the French foreign legion and serving in three separate wars, it's fair to say Gérard saw some things during this time. His last stint serving was enough to make him leave that life for good, telling us in his own words - "Otherwise I would have gone mad." - Twenty years later Gérard finds himself on the street still. He loves his life here with this group of friends. Every now and then I meet someone for which homelessness has become a lifestyle for different reasons. Everybody knows Gérard in this part of Paris - Châtelet. This life does not stop him from seeing his daughter for family lunches on Sunday or to meet her when she goes to work in the morning. However, his time on the streets hasn't come without its troubles. Four years ago Gérard was thrown into the river Seine, without reason, nor prior altercations. Gégé spent four minutes under water before being rescued and taken to hospital. Since this happened he has had to revisit hospital twice a week due to kidney problems. His attacker was sentenced to 24 years in prison for attempted murder. It was great to share these moments with Gérard and give him a haircut and shave. #DoSomethingForNothing || 📷 @dailymama

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This is Jewel, 32 years old, born in Colorado, homeless in Santa Monica, LA with her boyfriend Ray. Jewel was the first person who's hair I cut on this trip, her smile was hard to miss. Ray and her made their way here from New Mexico recently and are trying to find their feet in a new place. They met on the street and both told me how much their lives changed when they met each other. You could feel how connected they are immediately. Jewel had been cutting her own hair for the last couple of years so was happy for me to try and even things up a bit. She spoke to me about some of her life and a bit of her journey - "I was homeless from quite an early age. My mom couldn't afford her place in Colorado anymore so she took us out on the road. We didn't stop for years. Most of time staying out in the van. But we were on the street for a while also, those memories aren't so nice. There was things she had to do sometimes to keep us alive. I ended up going to school for a while in Arizona. That was probably the most stability we had for a time. I asked Jewel if she still sees her mom but she didn't want to talk about it much - "I had to make my own way. Meeting Ray changed everything, we've got each other now." I spent the whole afternoon with Jewel, Ray and another older man who's story I posted, named Kevin. I feel really lucky to have met them, we all laughed so much together that day. #DoSomethingForNothing

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It's been great to see Cedric again here in Paris. I've spoken about our last meeting often and really missed him since. I visited the same street where we first met in May on the chance he might still be there. I guess part of me was hoping to hear that he had moved on and now had somewhere to stay, but it's only been a few months and I know things don't happen that quickly out here. When I called his name he turned around and out came that big smile. After a hug we started talking and I noticed Cedric had a black eye. He began telling me of some trouble that he'd gotten into recently - "There are so many kind people here in the daytime but at night it can change. There's a bar across the road that stays open very late at the weekend, some people can get aggressive. There was a fight that involved two men and a woman. It's probably my fault for saying something, but when I did I got punched a few times." Cedric had a meeting recently for some help to get into a room. He attended but didn't hear back - "I'm trying and always listening for places, but it's not easy. Any weeks which have steps forward usually have more steps backwards. I never planned to be here and I hope one day there is another chapter." - Although Cedric is still sleeping outside each night, the warmth of his character somehow remains. As I was cutting his hair, many people that know Cedric stopped to speak and compliment him. A man working in a building nearby, who saw us together back in May, went to print some photos that he'd taken on his phone for us. It had both myself and Cedric smiling from ear to ear. Connecting again like this is so important for me. I always try to keep in contact with those I meet to keep track of their journey. It can be difficult sometimes but I do my best. It's important to mention that time cutting someone's hair actually plays such a small role when you look at the bigger picture. It's about befriending those that might feel a lost right now. Don't underestimate how important your influence can be in making someone smile and feel good again. There might be something you love doing to reach out in your community. #DoSomethingForNothing

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